THS Members’ Event Recap – April 28, 2022

On April 28, 2022 over 70 THS members and invited guests were able to hear about the status of the work to restore the Historic Traver’s House, and an update of the new restaurant going into that space, hohl.

The featured speakers were THS president Jack Wray and Australian businessman Chris Starke, the creator and operator of hohl. Chris’s vision is for hohl to be a community gathering space where all can feel welcome and enjoy freshly prepared breakfasts, lunches and coffee.

The new restaurant is located in Toano at 7961 Richmond Road in a house beautifully restored by Wray Bros. Inc. The windows, exterior siding and interior wood floors are original to the house built circa 1920 with an addition by the Travers family in 1943. The Wrays augmented the restoration using repurposed building materials from two historic homes, one in Toano called Variety Grove (1901) on Forge Rd and the other from Charlottesville called Oakleigh (1897). Another added attraction is the ceiling fan recovered from Barksdale’s Drugstore that was demolished in 1966 when Richmond Road was widened through Toano.

Come meet Chris Starke and enjoy some of the best coffee this area has to offer while dining in this quaint little historic building!

THS President Jack Wray

THS President Jack Wray at the THS Members’ Event at WC Martin store on April 28, 2022


Chris Starke - hohl cafe owner

hohl creatorand operator Chris Starke provides update at THS Members’ Event on April 28, 2022